About Us

About Chatsworth Fine Furniture

At Chatsworth Fine Furniture we specialize in transforming a new piece of furniture into a timeless work of art that represents an antique aged anywhere from the 17th to 19th century.
Offering luxury reproduction furniture manufactured like the artisans of old. 

All furniture can be aged and coloured to your requirements, the only limit is your imagination.

We offer a polished hand waxed finish that wears very well for an everyday use item. A French Polished finish that is truly exquisite. Painted Finishes are also available.
Ask us about our new environmentally safe finish that not only looks great but is very hard wearing.

We have a team that has many years’ experience colour matching. The ageing process can be limited to light wear, fantastic depth of colour, uneven boards to heavily worn that simulates the effects of hundreds of years use and wear.

We source items from the finest manufacturers in the country, These people have an eye for design and style and have been manufacturing high end furniture for more than 30 years.

Our Blacksmith can re-create any forged handle or foil.

Our upholsterers pride themselves on detail.

We have found a unique mix of the best artisans for your masterpiece. We do not attempt to do jobs that we are not highly skilled in. Therefore using the right people for their expertise makes the finished product truly incredible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we do much more than is shown on the website.

Antiques were once new pieces, they were constructed and finished to the highest of quality therefore lasting for many generations.

We are creating the antiques of the future, our pieces are timeless and unique.


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